Sage liquor


A homemade sage infusion, made without dyes or preservatives. A very good product to be enjoyed chilled as a digestif after a meal.

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(Sage liqueur, Salvia officinalis)
The sage is a natural body stimulant, relieves depression and asthenia. Its active principles are particularly useful against cases of lack of physical and mental strength, resulting in benefits for brain wellness and memory.

“Linfa Salento” is an exclusive, exquisitely handmade product with great quality.
Do you want to know what is it that makes it so unique? Try and close your eyes and imagine you’re in Salento. Picture a land full of green, the land of the wild fennel and a whole lot of aromatic plants that grow wildly overhanging the sea. No chemical flavours, absolutely nothing that is artificial. The herbs we use for our brews are picked exclusively in the preserved natural area of Otranto-Leuca from june to november. We accurately pick the softest, sweetest plants with the most beautiful scent to keep our brews esteemed and fine. Could this be an elixir of life? We can’t tell yet, but what we can tell is that you’ll fall in love with it at soon as you taste it.

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Additional information

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Linfa Salento


Water, alcohol, cane sugar, sage


20 cl bottle, 50 cl bottle

Origin area

"Otranto – Leuca" protected natural park

Production area

Gagliano del Capo – Lecce

Alcohol content

32% vol.

Serving temperature



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