Multigrain friselline


The “Multigrain friselline” are the minor sisters of the “Frize cereal”, they have a greater fragrance so that we no need to be softened in water before being consumed. The “Multigrain friselline” are appreciated as an aperitif, to accompany a salad or just to nibble.

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Condividi il Salento
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Condividi il Salento

The “Multigrain friselline” can be served seasoned or not. The usual way to dress them is always the same, with tomatoes, oil, salt and oregano by adding tuna or canned meat we can get a good result, an almost complete meal. Our “Multigrain friselline” are handmade with wheat flour, grain mix (wheat flour, rye, spelled flour flour, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds), 6% olive oil, salt and yeast.

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