Alticelli Fiano


A wine made from grapes 100% fiano fresh and soft taste matched with fish dishes and seafood in general, but also in traditional dishes based on vegetables.

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Condividi il Salento
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Condividi il Salento

VINIFICATION: After being destemmed and crushed, the must is macerated with skin contact for approximately 24 hours at temperatures between 5-8° C. in order to extract the primary aromas of classic Fiano. At the same time, temperature control during maceration helps to limit tannic extraction. After racking, the must is fermented at 14° C. in stainless-steel vats until alcoholic fermentation is completed.

AGING: The wine is then aged for 4 months on its lees in stainless-steel at 10° C.

AGING POTENTIAL: From 1-3 years, with superb evolution of the fruit’s color.

NOSE: Stone and exotic fruit alternated by delicate floral notes and fresh herbaceousness.

PALATE: The same fruits and floral notes reappear on the palate with the wine’s brilliant acidity prolonging their flavors in the mouth. The balance freshness and delicacy give this wine particularly harmonious in all of its elements, rewarding the wine lover in terms of its equilibrium, persistence, and complexity.

PAIRING: An extremely versatile wine, excellent for haute cuisine seafood but also ideal for classic Salento vegetable-based first and second courses. It also works well with light and lightly aged cheeses.

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