Azienda Agricola San Rocco

No one has found out, no one has invented, simply has always existed. Precious gift of the Salento olive trees, olive oil enriches and makes unique all dishes of our cuisine. SAN ROCCO has not invented anything new, it can be said that this is its commitment, to leave everything as it is, from the growth of the olive trees, to the harvesting and pressing of the olives, everything remains as it has always been, and will produce an olive oil that it had the same taste and the same perfume for millennia. SAN ROCCO is committed to producing a high quality olive oil, focusing on the olive harvest during the beginning of fruit ripening, that for the olives is the period from early October to mid-November; and it is during this period that the company focuses all his strength to devote itself to the harvest of the fruit that occurs through mechanical processes and squeezing, rigorously cold, made no later than 24 hours from the collection. The product is distinguishd by its fruity taste that denotes the origin and confirms the genuineness. Fundamental gastronomic ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, it can be used raw as salad dressing, vegetables and soups, to accompany grilled fish and meats or simply on a slice of bread, it is the ideal base for a healthy and balanced diet.

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