Extra Virgin Biological Olive Oil 3lt.


The extra virgin olive oil “San Marco” is obtained from apulian olives cultivated according to the standards imposed by organic farming. The raw material is brought to the right maturation without the use of chemicals, by exploiting the natural fertility of the soil, in full respect of the  ecosystem. The olives are harvested directly from the tree by mechanical equipment, stored in suitable containers and in ventilated places; after 12 hours at the most, the olives are transformed. The juice is cold extracted (max 27°C) with the most recent machinery available on the market.



COLOR AND TASTE: The result is an intense green color oil with golden reflections. The taste is firm and robust, with intense notes of spicy. A unique product and inimitable organoleptic qualities.

USE: To enjoy it at the most and fully grasp all its extraordinary qualities, it is recommended to pair it with cooked and raw vegetables and grilled fish.

PACKAGING: In 3 Lt package. Ideal solution for regular consumers who always want to have a unique product and save money!

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Additional information

Weight 3.2 kg

San Rocco Olive Oil


3 liter tin


Cold extraction


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