Dried “cherry” peppers stuffed with tuna


The cherry-peppers have a round shape. They are cultivated in the month of May and are picked by hand in the end of August, when they are completely red.[:]

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Condividi il Salento
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Condividi il Salento

These stuffed peppers are ideal as hors-d’oeuvre but, also very good to dress a pasta salad or a rice salad. Their singular colour will give originality to every dish!

All our products are farmed with the integrated production technique on open field. Our hand picking allows us to make a first selection on site; and immediately after, the vegetables are transported to the facility to be processed. The processing is carried out strictly according to the tradition of Salento, then the vegetables are dried in the sun and salted by hand. Finally, the packaging is carried out by hand, and following step by step our typical recipes without any preservatives.

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