Salento Wine

Salento Wine

Condividi il Salento

The cultivation of the vine is already attested in Salento around 2000 BC. and over the years it has become an integral and almost engine of the economy of the entire region. Contrary to what one might think, in Salento that of grapes represents the largest production activity, alongside that of oil. The most representative and most valuable areas, as far as winemaking is concerned, are located in North Salento, Salice, Veglie, Campi, Guagnano, Cellino S. Marco, Sandonaci, Brindisi and surroundings, Sava, Torricella, Montemesola, but also in the lands of Manduria, which offer wines by now renowned and known as the Primitivo. The varieties of native Salento vines are: Negroamaro, primitivo, white Malvasia, black malvasia and aleatico.

Negroamaro wine

Surely the most famous and widespread vine of Salento, in the Lecce area it even constitutes the maximum of vineyards; it has medium-sized black grape clusters, its ripening begins around 20 September. Negroamaro wine has an intense red color with almost black reflections, its scent is fruity with a slightly bitter, dry and round taste. It goes perfectly with the typical dishes of the Salento tradition, but in general with grilled meats, pieces with sauce, legume soups and cereals.

Primitive wine

It is a very common grape variety in Puglia, especially in the Taranto area, in the capital, in Manduria and surrounding areas. The origin of the name denotes the very early biological cycle of the plant itself, which usually occurs within the first ten days of September. Primitivo wine represents one of the excellences in Apulian wine production; it is a wine with an intense ruby ​​red color, with a light and aromatic aroma and a full and pleasant taste. It perfectly accompanies dishes such as soups, very tasty aged cheeses or grilled meats.

Black Malvasia

This vine is widespread especially in the Brindisi area and is mainly used in the production of rosé wines. The wine produced is a wine with an almost purplish ruby ​​red color, the perfume is fruity with notes of pomegranate and raspberry, the taste is structured and has a good alcohol content, vinified with negroamaro can give excellent rose wines.

Aleatico wine

It is a grape variety widespread not only in Puglia but also in Tuscany and Lazio, it has medium-sized clusters with medium-sized reddish-blue colored berries. The result is a ruby ​​red wine with an intense and fruity aroma, with a very soft and sweet taste.

White Malvasia

It is a very widespread vine in general throughout Puglia, it has medium-sized clusters of elongated shape with small green-yellow berry. The harvest takes place in the second half of September. The white Malvasia wine has a straw yellow color, a very fresh and fruity aroma and a good alcohol content, it is highly appreciated with fish dishes but also as an aperitif.