Frisa from Salento

Frisa from Salento

Condividi il Salento

Frisa is one of the best typical dishes of the Salento oven, born from the drying and toasting of durum wheat or barley bread in double cooking. Generally a wood oven is used, these are the most characteristic and traditional.

On our site you can find both wheat and barley, but also spelled and wholemeal.

Difference between frize and friselle

We must be careful of this substantial difference. The frize are the large ones, however generally those that need to be wet before being eaten, but above all seasoned. The friselline, on the other hand, are small frize, or mini frize, which should not be wet at all, but can be munched or enjoyed together with a condiment, which can be a paté or simply chopped tomato.

It can be kept for a long time, to be consumed it must first be softened then immersed in water for a few seconds and then seasoned. The classic version of Salento frisa includes a drizzle of oil, tomatoes and a pinch of salt. It is a very simple, tasty dish, highly appreciated with high summer temperatures.