Amativo Cantele


A wine made from grapes 60% primitivo and 40% negroamaro, fruity and spicy in taste, great with red meat dishes, spicy and smoked cold cuts and seasoned cheeses as well.




VINIFICATION: After being destemmed and crushed, the must is macerated with skin contact for 12-15 days during which délestage is employed on a daily basis. Fermentation is carried out at 26-28° C.

AGING: Once malolactic fermentation is completed, the wine is aged in barrique for approximately 12 months.

AGING POTENTIAL: When vinified as a monovarietal wine, Negroamaro will surprise and reward the collector over 4-6 years.

NOSE: Notes of rose and violet emerge in a slow, long-lasting progression, giving way to wild fruit, dried fig, preserves, and vanilla.

PALATE: The same aromatic equilibrium reappears in the mouth, releasing delicate progressions of fruit and spice. The rich, balanced flavor of this wine’s components give it its distinctive imprint. And its extreme delicacy closes with ample, persistent flavors in the finish.

PAIRING: Well aged ripe cheeses, smoked and spicy cured meats. Intensely flavored meat dishes, ideally complex in their flavor profiles. Ass and horse are among the winemaker’s favorite pairings as are meat-based first courses. This is a wine (as strange as it may sound) that doesn’t mind the company of a good cigar.

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Additional information

Weight 1.370 kg



75 cl bottle

Production area

Guagnano (Le), Sava (Ta), San Pietro (Br)

Grape variety

60% Primitivo, 40% Negroamaro




Primitivo in early September, Negroamaro in late September


Inexpugnable ruby red, offering the eyes a preview of the wines complex structure, flavors, and aromas

Serving temperature

18° C




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